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We are pretty big on the idea of owning cars of the past. Since not everyone will ever be able to achieve this goal we like to find alternative solutions. Here we found TMB Art Metal located in London. This tiny company is dedicated to producing provenance sculptures, cufflinks and other items; however, the key to making them unique is what they incorporate in their products. TMB actually incorporates metal or material originating from the actual iconic subject the item represents. Take a look at some of their iconic products.

Here we have exquisitely styled and detailed cufflinks replicate the three eared ‘knock off’ wheel spinner securing nut used by the Jaguar D-type.

These Bugatti Veyron cufflinks are crafted entirely of aluminium using donor metal from the ex-Veyron OZ Racing manufactured front wheel.

Above are a pair of Bentley cufflinks. These cufflinks are cast using metal removed from Old Number Two during its two year restoration.

Finally here is a wallet made from a Ferrari GTO. The outer shell of these unique wallets is constructed of leather removed from Ferrari 250GTO, chassis number 3527GT

To see more wonderful products and inquire about availability please visit TMB ArtMetal


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