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Japanese Dream Car

It is definitely not common to read about Japanese dream cars anymore, especially since they seem to be dying out faster than our love for all things analog. One car that seems to be forgotten is the Honda NSX (or Acura NSX for those of us stateside). Its easy to see why these cars are slowly being phased out. To make matters worse, European cars have been dominating the motor enthusiast scene and rightfully so; and lately companies have been increasing their presence in the US market. Just look at the exquisite Mercedes throwback SLS AMG Gullwing model, it is a taste of retro served on top of modern! Their love for design and enjoyable models fuels our passion for cars. But if you will, allow me to turn your head a bit, back to a country that managed to churn out so many daily and sport cars that have developed a cult-like following with every model. Here is a car that so many people dreamt about but very few have owned. Only 9,636 cars were for sale in North America between 1990 to 2005. This car was designed specifically to provide the driver daily, road-worthy realiability while being competitive on the track at any given moment. If you have not seen one in awhile, savor the flavor of the NSX through the following photos. Personally I enjoy the older model with the flip up headlamps. Nothing says cool like flip up lights. Keep your eyes peeled next time your on the road for one of these rare beauties. If you don’t happen to see one, try to imagine yourself on a Sunday Drive with one of these.


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