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Having the Mille Miglia on your wrist

There a number of watches to choose from in the world today. Every company is offering a watch to fit your lifestyle and match your car. We know the level of detail you went through to research your dream car before you actually purchased it; your wrist watch should be no different. You need to balance your outfit with something that is unique and handcrafted to precision to reflect your car and your lifestyle. One watch that comes to mind if you happen to drive an old Italian favorite is the Chopard Mille Miglia collection.

Out of this collection you’ll find a watch for every occasion, but if you’re looking for that one watch you can wear everyday then why not give the Chopard Mille Miglia Gran Turismo XL a try. This timepiece will help you capture that little bit of history on your wrist every waking moment, and at the same time allowing you to send a powerful message to on-lookers, letting them know you are all about motorsports. The beauty in this watch sets the bar high and does not torment the eye with a number of random dials and switches. It’s simple, clean, classic look will never come and go – it will last forever. What accompanies this watch is precision – something less than 3% of Swiss made watches offer. These watches are certified chronometer, meaning they will tell time better than your standard mechanical watches. And that’s exactly the message a motorsports fan wants to deliver – every second counts.


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