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A car you want to Drive

People cherish the good old days. They even go as far as wanting to live the life of someone famous from their favorite era. One historic icon that most men wish they could be is James Dean. What comes to mind when you think of James Dean?.. Cars and motorcycles and sunglasses… But not just any car, the 1955 Porsche 550 Spyder to be exact. Just have a look at how James Dean helps to accent the car. It’s a close call to tell if James Dean helped make the car or if the car helped make James Dean.

Just looking at those photos sets the tone of how cool this car is. If you’re looking for something with the same effect except that you can actually drive it, then its time to invest a little of your hard-earned cash into the VintageSypder Kit car. This kit not only resembles everything from the original car, but the quality is first rate and best of all you can actually use the damn thing. Cars are not meant to be objects in the garage, they are meant to be driven. Driven to share with others. The mere presence of a car will barrage onlookers with a spread of emotions from excitement to jealousy. I haven’t even told you the best part – no one has to know that this is a kit car. Just hop into the driver’s seat and watch the world turn into a blur. Below is a 1955 Porsche Spyder kit car that you can own. Even more so you have the option of choosing an air cooled or a water cooled engine. Nothing makes you want to go for a drive than a car from the past, mixed with the technology of today. Each chassis is made from tubular steel and bent to perfection. Dreaming is free but owning is priceless.


One thought on “A car you want to Drive

  1. Lee Raskin says:

    Nice site…FYI. The bottom photo of James Dean behind the not a Porsche. It was taken at the Santa Barbara Races, May 29, 1955 of JD sitting in #75 Ferrari Mondial 2.0 litre belonging to Johnny von Neumann’s step-daughter, Josie who raced in the ‘ladies’ class.

    Lee Raskin, James Dean historian/author. See: James Dean At Speed (

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