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Everyday Driving Shoe

We have a pair of shoes for every occasion, from every sport we play to every outfit we wear. Sparco’s latest casual shoe is here to help add to the mix and possibly eliminate some shoes from your wardrobe. Have a look at these sleek and simply stylish Sparco driving shoes made in both leather and canvas material.  The overall difference in material alters the shoe’s look and feel; the canvas looks to be the fun weekend shoe, while the leather can be pulled off as an everyday (non-working) upscale shoe. You can pair up the white leather shoes with nice pair of jeans for the European look or go with the black leather shoe with dark jeans to tackle the night life.  The best part of these shoes is the functionality, not only do you look good out of the car, but they allow you greater feel of the pedal when driving and are fully capable of heel-toe action. Below are photos of Sparco’s new line of “Esse,”casual driving shoes. Best of all these shoes are priced in a range that won’t break your wallet.


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