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Moss Monaco 1961

In life you will have few opportunities to take advantage of something that is both powerful and rare. Perhaps you’re thinking of a classic Ferrari or Shelby; well similar to those hand-built pieces of machinery comes a watch that embodies an epic racer. Here’s a watch that represents more than just another driver with a watch, but rather a watch built for the driver who happens to be Sir Stirling Moss. The watch is designed by Peter Ratcliffe to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Moss’ third win at Monaco. The SM 61 watch is available as a limited edition in black and silver dials (eighty pieces of each), offered with three optional straps and a watch box individually hand signed and numbered by Moss.

The chronograph watch is powered by the reliable ETA 7750 movement, a caliber Ratcliffe relates to iconic engines such as Chevy’s small block, Jaguar’s 4.2 liter engine or Mercedes classic 3.0 liter. Each watch is contained in a 40 mm highly polished German stainless steel case with the Scottish national colors (blue/white) of the Rob Walker Racing team.

What separates this watch from others is that each Moss Monaco 1961 is signed by Stirling Moss on the watch face before assembly and is enclosed with a sapphire backing engraved with the race date, Moss’ finishing position and edition number. While this watch can set you back a couple of thousand we feel it is worth paying for such a rare opportunity to own something so unique and so rare. Remember there’s nothing better than tell the person next to you that you have a one of kind watch.


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