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Elusive Ferrari Club

It’s not every day that you come across a Ferrari in person, but when you do it is a guarantee that you will take a second look. If you’re lucky enough to catch a glimpse of these wonderful cars you’ll soon realize a beauty that pictures cannot capture. More so, automotive words are never enough to highlight the essence of its styling and shape. The belief on the street is that Ferrari is in a different kind of league; a car that couldn’t be used for every day purposes. It’s only purchased to sit in the garage and talked about to your friends. However we want to help set the record straight, much like any other car a Ferrari wants their owners to enjoy these magnificent cars. They wish for owners to share this dream machine with their friends and others. Ferrari wants the owners to share driving stories and believe it or not, they actually put on events to draw the owners out to drive their cars. People forget these cars are built for that very purpose; Ferrari wants you to yearn to own one, they want you do dream about it at night, and they want you to save for the day when you can become part of the family. These photos are here to help you realize that the elusive Ferrari club is within your grasp and these cars can become part of your everyday life. And why not start with the Ferrari F430.

Source: Flickr; associated photographer


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