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Back in the Day Photos

I came across photos like these when I was in Japan a couple of years ago. There was a great magazine that would share different photos of where people are today against a very similar photo from a number of years ago. Here are some photos with the same concept from photographer Matteo Ferrari. Here his photos focus on the relationship of the car and the driver(s). To get these photos for his project Matteo took one a very different path than what most photographers would. Matteo rode around town (in Italy) on his scooter asking everyone until he had enough participants for his project. “I found these people [for the photos] by leaving notes on old cars I would see parked around town, even by actually stopping people in the street, and also by telling everyone I know about it and asking them to spread the word.” It’s great that he followed through because the photos he took capture exactly what we automotive enthusiasts would consider a lifetime dedication to our car. This project even helped him win the 2007 Premio ARTE award. You can find out more about Matteo Ferrari at this website. If you have similar photos that you would like to share please drop us a line with your photos.

Source: Matteo Ferrari photos


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