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An Alfa to Lust After

Almost every automotive brand has a cult following. Alfa Romeo has been no exception. Specifically, the well-known Tipo 33 “Stradale” mid-engine sports car. This car started out life as a road racer as the Alfa Romeo Tipo 33, but was soon introduced to the public as this road going version in 1967. This car made a brief production run from 1967 to 1969. In March of 1969 the model was discontinued by which time only 18 examples had been produced. All examples were hand-built and no two are alike. The road going car was equipped with a 2-liter V8 engine producing 230 HP at 8800 rpm. The highlight of this car’s 10,000 rev limiter and top speed of 161.5 mph. The body for this car was designed by Franco Scaglione, one of Italy’s most talented designers. From his perspective you can say more modern cars have copied this design for any rear or mid-ship cars than any other. This cars total weight was 1543 pounds which is a little over half of what a modern BMW M3 weighs today. With this power to weight ratio it’s no wonder this car makes it mark on any street it travels on.Nothing embodies speed better than the sweeping fender arches over the front and rear wheels. It’s a very simple, yet elegant, design that truly lives the “form follows function” mentality. The low nose of the car sucks up the open road and directs air flow evenly over the car. For the pilot of this car, the windows that surround the cabin provide a panoramic feel as the scenery is distinctly taken in.

The interior comes everything a modern racer needs: 3-point steering wheel, bucket seats and a fire extinguisher. The textured aluminum interior highlights its racing heritage. It’s a shame more cars don’t share this touch of styling.

The rear of the car drops off to help dramatically which helps to divert air flow over and sucks the car closer to the ground as air travels under the car. The car has both a low front and rear overhang which screams the essence of sports car. This styling is very iconic of its time and continues today with cars such as the Nissan 350Z and BMW Z4 M coupe. As cars move forward into the new era we will always have a place for those that provided a driving experience worth saving. Not every car will provide you the thrill and excitement from a Sunday drive, but we encourage everyone to find their car of excellence and let’s not forget those of the past.


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