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Legends Reborn E-type

We are uncovering more and more companies who are helping long lost car owners reunite with their past. Whether it was one person’s dream car as a child or at one point in time they owned one but have since sold it. Eagle Speeder is a company that specializes in helping owners reignite the drive affair with the long lost jaguar E-type. However, these are not your average Jaguar E-types. Eagle’s cars are beautifully hand-crafted to match or exceed those of the original Jaguar E-type of the 1960’s. It is especially noted that everything is completed in house, located in East Sussex, a county in South East England. In addition to exceeding the quality of today’s automotive standards, the company will also provide a bespoke service to all owners as they envision the car of their past.  Eagle has been working on these precious beauties for over 25 years to improve, restore and further develop the original E-type.  While there can be plenty of words to mention about this marvelous wonder I think pictures are worth more. I will let Eagle tell their story which hopefully soon it can be yours. And don’t forget to take photos, while you are waiting for your very own. Below is one that was spotted at the Lime Rock for the 29th Historic Festival presented by Jaguar.

Every Speedster is one of a kind and the stitching and select accessories will help you remember every time. Below are the company’s marketing photos to make your drool even more.

If these pictures were not convinencing enough please listen as Eagle explains it to you.

And just for fun here’s a remix from the BBC’s Top Gear highlighting this wonderful ride.

Finally if you need the original clip from the above BBC Top Gear episode we included it as well. Enjoy the ride!


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