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RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF has something to say

Nakai-san has become an internet sensation these days. A man who has been around for some time in Japan creating the most unique Porsche’s of his time. Due to the wonders of internet his work has been projected onto others and storming forums left and right. The company he started, RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF (“RWB”) is his interpretation of European and Japanese tuning concepts. His signature style element would be the wide fenders and some of the deepest dish rims known to man. Most of his work is based on what he gathers from the customer through a series of questions (think of it as an interview), then once you’re gone from sight the work begins. Your car will be transformed into something Nakai-san interpreted through your discussions. It’s truly amazing that all of his cars are hand-built and used – these are not items that merely sit in the garage, but rather they race around the circuit providing both the driver and the crowd pleasure. It’s rare to find a tuner that only produces cars that are meant to be driven – no show cars here. With that make sure to find time in your schedule to drive your Sunday Drive without hesitation. Because show cars are of no interest of ours!


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