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Youngtimer with a vision

Passion is what people are searching for in life and there’s nothing better when someone’s passion mixes with cars. Here’s a young man (J.G Francis) that has dedicated most of his life restoring classic Mercedes-Benz diesel’s. It truly is amazing the passion and love he gives these iconic cars only to continue to share them with the rest of us. You can see more of his work and read the rest of his story at Mercedes Motoring.

The car in this video is the Mercedes-Benz W115 which was produced from 1968 through 1976 are know for their extreme longevity and durability. During their production years the car usually came with a 2.0 four cylinder diesel, unless it was the 300D (produced 1974-1976) version which had the 3 liter. These cars, even though they were manufactured out of the metal and steel, only produced roughly 60 horsepower; unless of course, you had the 300D which could have seen power levels from 87 hp to 110 hp. The up side to the limited horsepower was excellent gas mileage for its time (even by today’s standards).  In all, this tells us we don’t need hundreds of horsepower to enjoy a great car.


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