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Bringing car lovers closer to their cars

This type of event is one we would like to enjoy here in the U.S. With so many car enthusiasts around, it would be nice to bring them together for a unified day of high performance driving on a race track, while on-lookers enjoy and gather around the course. Why? It’s all in the name of love, which we share for the automobile. The videos below highlight Germany’s 2011 Carfreitag to help give you a sense of their way of uniting fans. (I’m sure the US version wouldn’t be as dangerous.) To safe motoring and Sunday Drive!

Below is a video that shows the variety of vehicles on the track at any given time.

Lastly here’s an onboard video of a Mini Cooper S racing around the ring with a passenger! This gives you a great sense of what it’s like on the track. Talk about nuts.


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