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Rebuilding a Legend

2012 welcomes the return of the Ford Mustang Boss 302. The 302 got its name back in 1969 as a road racing car for the street. Rumor has it that when the on-lookers were asking about who the car was being built for mechanics used to say “the Boss” and so it stuck.  It was developed to win the SCCA Trans Am Series championship, which it did in 1970 at the hands of Parnelli Jones, partially due to a key victory at Laguna Seca Raceway.

The 2012 Boss 302 also comes with 5-way adjustable shocks that are easily compatible with everyday driving condition you come across. What makes this car really worth talking about are two keys the 302 comes with — a standard key and a TracKey. TracKey enables the steering and stability control systems, while increasing the throttle response. Essentially turning the daily driver into the perfect track monster at, “literally,” the turn of a key.

Aside from these unique keys, what really helps launch this car as the next grand tourer are the alcantara suede-wrapped steering wheel and Recaro seats. Yes that’s right Recaro OEM seats in this Mustang, providing comfort and bucket-level stability for all your driving experiences. Another reason why this will be your next Sunday Drive is the fact that it didn’t lose eleven pounds of sound deadening  from the interior, which is what you will find in the Laguna Seca edition.

Source: Ford, InsideLine, Various Photos

Ford expects to build 4,000 Boss 302 Mustangs for the 2012 model year, 750 of which will be equipped with the Laguna Seca package. Here’s the Ford intro video for this 2012 delight.


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