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An American Tourer

With race winnings of Sebring and LeMans under its belt it is hard to turn a blind eye to the changes that are happening in the USA auto market. The Chevrolet Corvette name is becoming more and more familiar on the international stage. Since their recent run of success Corvette has put together a car that can easily provide you with raw track power, and at the same time ease  you with touring comfort. Meet the latest 2010-2012 Grand Sport. The name comes from the original 1963 racing version, but by today’s standards the modifications made to the car is the company’s equivalent of a touring package. The Corvette’s leather interior and semi-bucket seats provide an equivalent European feel found in any high powered, leather trimmed, German engineered car. It is easily identifiable with the signature two stripe fenders indicating its Grand Sport heritage. Choosing the Grand Sport is often the best option for those who want a hand-built engine but cannot make the leap to the Z06. This car will easily satisfy your horsepower hunger with 430HP, while achieving 26 mpg on highway driving. After all the reviews the Corvette Grand Sport total package is a great way to shop, track and long-distance tour.


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