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A sleepy coupe that few ever owned

Most people know great cars, or at least they think they do. Most would say they could easily list the top cars of all time. But what most people don’t realize is that they are missing one sleeper coupe that BMW produced for a short period of time. On a return drive from a weekend trip we were hit with a reminder of how sleeper this car really is. It started out as a spec in my rear view mirror but as it got closer I couldn’t help but stare at the approaching car instead of the road in front of me. I had to slow down to allow its presence to overtake me as I soaked in its natural aesthetics. Only 4,275 of these BMW coupes were made worldwide (rumor has it that the red version is exceptionally rare). Each car was fitted with the quintessential BMW inline-6 mated to a traditional 6 speed manual transmission.  Congratulations to those who own one and a reminder, this car only likes to be driven by those who respects it. Because of its short wheelbase these cars will kickout on you with aggressive turn-ins. This means the car demands those with the desire and talent to tame it on the roads and track. Enjoy the beauty and unique styling of such a rare find.


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