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An A5 Transformation

Year after year in the world of auto racing, teams and drivers come and go. Now as we are approaching 2012 a remarkable situation has occurred. Audi, BMW and Mercedes will once again battle head-to-head in the DTM series. This marks a remarkable event as these three teams have not seen each other (at the same time) on the race track in over 18 years. To kick off this wonderful event we will start with the introduction of the Audi A5 Coupe, which has gone under the knife to become a prize fighter. The A5 body has been constructed with a full carbon fiber unibody attached to a steel cage based on the sporting regulations. The car’s 4.0 liter V8 output is set to 460hp with a sequential gearbox. For the 2012 season the teams will have little room for adjustment, which is set to design more bumper-to-bumper racing. This can been seen with the standardized body panels, winglets and rear spoilers. Who doesn’t want to see the drivers sweat it out each lap of the race? This is exactly how racing should be – brilliant and entertaining. So without further ado please welcome the Audi A5 coupe DTM race car.


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