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Mercedes DTM AMG C-Coupe

Those words are a mouth full, and so is Mercedes 2012 DTM entry. The new Mercedes entry was brought in as C-Class coupe which went on sale in the summer of 2011 and has been morphed into a hopeful contender for the 2012 DTM championship.  DTM regulations state that the car’s engine should be regulated to 470hp, but that hasn’t stopped Mercedes from introducing theirs with a powerful 4 liter V8 delivering 500 hp, which is well above the Audi’s 460hp.  However, we are certain with all the restrictions in place,  each team will be equally matched on the track. Introducing the 2012 Silver Arrow.

Below are some videos highlighting the car’s release and on-track development testing.

Mercedes DTM AMG Video

Mercedes DTM AMG On-track

Technical Data

Carbon fibre monocoque with steel roll cage, front, lateral and rear crash structures, hood, doors, side panels and wings in carbon fiber

Length: 5.010 mm
Width: 1.950 mm
Height: 1.210 mm
Wheelbase: 2.750 mm 
Fuel tank: 120 litres or 31.7 gallons
Weight: 1050 kg or 2300 lbs (with driver)

Aerodynamic modifications to front splitter and side panels, flat bottom, front and rear diffusers, rear wing

Capacity: 4.0 litres
Cylinder head: 4 valves per cylinder
Cylinder arrangement: V8, 90°
Performance: approx 500bhp at 7500 rpm
Maximum torque: 500 Nm
Air intake restrictors: 2 x 28 mm diameter

Standard 6-speed transverse-mounted gearbox, rear-wheel drive, pneumatically operated sequential gear shift on steering wheel, mechanical differential lock without traction control, carbon fibre driveshaft, 3-plate carbon fibre clutch operated by foot pedal

Double wishbones with spring/damper units to front and rear axles, actuated via pushrods

Standard carbon braking system without ABS

Rack and pinion steering with power assistance

Wheels / tyres:
Aluminium wheels, control tires

Wheels: Front 12×18, Rear 13×18
Tyres: Front 300/680 R18, Rear 310/710 R18


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