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A Sinn 956 that’s a Sin

Now here’s a watch that is very unique and deserves some attention. We are certain this watch has been around for some time, but isn’t as mainstream as others because of the limited distribution network in the U.S. In one way you could say this is a great way of having something that very few enjoy.

Here we have the German-made Sinn 956 watch, also known as the traditional rally chronograph. The watch face resembles a timeless car instrument cluster, layered with three dials, which allow for users to keep time through the stopwatch feature. The outer rim of the watch has a double tachometer scale to measure from 30 to 60 km/h and 60 to 500 km/h. The one feature that really sets it apart is the fuel gauge style reserve power meter. This reserve meter replicates a fuel gauge and will need hand-wound attention if the needle dips near zero. This feature is great for those who do not use their automatic watch on a daily basis. To see more of the watch and how the reserve feature works please check out the video below. In the video the watch is shown with its steel band; it’s important to note this band must be purchased separately for about US $400. But considering how great the steel band looks we feel this upgrade is completely worth it. Plus you can always swap out your leather strap when you want that more elegant feel. Either way you wear it we’re sure it’ll be a great success both in and out of the car.

In case you wanted to pick one up for yourself please visit


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