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A Watch That Causes Others to Stare

IWC Portofino Chronograph – It is all you have to say to make yourself the center of attention. This watch is the quintessential accessory for any individual who enjoys fine cars and the greatest lifestyle. This must have been what IWC had in mind when they created it. It’s the ideal gift for the car lover, the detailer, the attention giver, and the man who enjoys the finest mechanical quality and still knows how to use it. The Portofino represents the easy-going Mediterranean lifestyle, and we certainly know that means: beaches, scenic drives, and of course delicious cafes. The 60′s style Milanese mesh band is making a strong comeback, as most watches have run out of designs for the steel bracelet. So why not give something new a try and treat yourself. We’re sure the chronograph version will really strike your fancy as the three dials replicate those that are only found in the finest Italian sports cars. This subtle watch will have you craving people to ask you for the time. As you tease your heart’s desire why not add this to the top of the wish list? The watch below is the IWC Portofino Chronograph Automatic.

To find out more and see other styles please visit:


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