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Kazunori Goes 24 Hours – Recap of 2011

There has been a surge in endurance racing coverage over the past year. People have always been a fan of the these types of races because of the history of the race or the difficultly of the track. The beauty of endurance has been gaining traction among the greater population with the expansion of modern media. These new outlets are allowing fans to further see, hear and even monitor the details of the what is happening on and off the track.

Let’s shift the focus on a 24 hour race that has been riding the way of expansion every year. If you have not been focusing on the international racing scene, then you might have missed the race and the noise. The bad news is that the world famous Nurburgring is suffering from poor financing, bad business decisions, and a lack of visitors since its transformation into a tourist destination (primarily due to higher fees and a poor economic climate). The good is this race track is being featured in more and more racing video games, online clips and documentaries. Those that play Gran Turismo 5 will be very familiar with Kazunori Yamauchi, CEO of Polyphony Digital and producer of the Gran Turismo series; in 2011 his attack on the green hill took place in the only Nissan GT-R R35 on the grid through a private entry. To hear his story and learn a bit more about the race, the car and how Kazunori did please enjoy the following video.

Part 1: 15 minutes long

Part 2: 9 minutes long


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