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Not Just Day Date

Watches have always had a significant meaning or reason for their being. Many of the classics started out an instrument in the aviation industry or a gauge in the navy. As progress was made TAG Heuer discovered, or created, a watch for sports car timing. Everything in life evolves and so must the Carrera watch; introducing the latest Carrera Calibre 16.

This particular timepiece now has a larger 43mm face size, compared to the 41mm face found on other variants of the Carrera watch. The Calibre 16 is what I would consider the most modern variant of the Carrera family, as it is the only watch in the current line-up that contains numbers instead of the classic bars. These numbers are cues taken from TAG racing stop watches of its past. The creators really spruced up the dial face by drawing attention to the areas that really mattered, in case you decide to time your rally – the second hand. TAG delicately painted the tip of the second hand in bright red to produce a great contrast between the black face and silver/chrome lettering. The highlights of red can be found on the lettering of Automatic and the chronograph button.

Some argue that these styling touches are overdone and are not of the classic look; but I would beg to differ, since accents and attention to detail helps really set apart this watch from, say, an all silver watches. One downside is that the larger diameters does increase the weight of the watch which will be noticeable if one is not used to wearing an automatic watch. If you enjoy the modern look of newer exotic super cars then you can understand that the smallest accent means the biggest difference.

The Calibre 16 is a premium design that appeals drivers  looking for something bolder, larger and more modern. In other words, this timepiece will give the user a little “pop” on their wrist. The watch comes in either a steel bracelet, or a leather crocodile strap. But without fail, TAG Heuer created a brown version which provides a slightly different take on the standard colors of black and white. To top things off TAG Heuer created a “green” version which incorporates carbon fiber to match the unique green accents, where the green replaces all of the red accents on the Calibre 16.


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