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An Older Baseline

Sometimes you just want a car without all the bells and whistles of today’s cars. Why not look back a few years to see what people might have overlooked as a great driving car? After some research it looks like any 2005 Nissan 350z will supply the driver with all he/she needs on a winding road.

The overall car is more than enough for the driver to tackle any road or track;  it even allows the driver to completely disengage the Vehicle Dynamics Control (“VDC”) that works with the cars anti-lock brake system and the traction -control system for those models that have it. Once the VDC is turned off, the driver has the option to learn how to drive without touching the brakes in easy corners, since touching the brakes causes the rear brakes to act like an LSD to help prevent the car from slipping and causing mild understeer. Is this really so bad? No not really, but this car is what many call an easy to drive sports car. Indicating that anyone with little high-performance driving experience can jump into the car and enjoy what it has to offer. The car provides the driver a strong base with around 300 horsepower in a FR layout. So before moving up to the high performance Porsche’s and Ferrari’s why not try and learn the basics on something well suited for most driving situations. And who’s to say that the styling is all that bad? What we enjoy about this car is the factory option Brembo brakes and the wide fender arches. This car can easily become the canvas for owners to create their future racer. It gives the owner plenty of options on how they want to style the car and has the stopping power necessary to handle any bolt-on application. This is all packaged neatly on a body with a 53:47 weight distribution. The idea behind this is that under heavy acceleration the car will achieve a near perfect 50:50 weight distribution.


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