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BMW 24Hours One Team One Target DVD

24 Hours One Team One Target on Blu Ray is a film by Tim and Nick Hahne

This is the story of the 2011 BMW M3 GT factory team and their two cars attacking the 24 hours Nurburing Race. The story closely follows the team from many different perspectives months well before the race. The film carries the viewer all the way up through the race and into the decision making process of the team, as well as the discoveries, of what a 24 hour race has to offer. It’s a very unique view of what a team goes through to prepare for a grueling race – from the executives of the motorsports department to the mechanics, the drivers and the car. We have always been fascinated with what conversations take place between the driver and the crew during the race. After watching this film, we were not let down since it highlights all that one would want to know in terms of communication and strategy between the driver and his crew.

The film is in both German (with English subtitles) and English dialogue. Because so much can happen on screen we are certain you will want to watch it multiple times to make sure you see every last frame. During the making of this film the creators did not have a clue as to what would happen during the race and it wasn’t until the end did anything look certain. I’ll leave it to you to watch the film to find out (for those that watched the race already knows the ending, but this will help explain how and why things happened). The only issue right now is that the Blu-Ray and DVD versions are only in PAL, so a universal or PAL ( needs to be able to play 50Hz content) compatible Blu-Ray player will be necessary. Find one that works here DVD List. Is it worth it? We certain think so. It’s a must have for any motoring enthusiast.

Find out more here:, but buy the DVD here for those located in the United States (so you’re not killed with shipping):


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