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Driving Schools Are Big Again

What better way to welcome the new year than with a driving school.  We know everyone mentioned they want to do more track driving in 2012. Why not try a factory driving school to help broaden your skills.  These driving schools are not what you think. So much has changed with cars and technology, so companies have decided to create “training centers” to help new and old owners understand the full capabilities of their prized possession.

Here are the European contenders approach to driving schools. Why not check one out for yourself? I’m sure your Sunday Drive will improve 100 fold.

Mercedes AMG driving academy: Below you will see episodes 1-10 displaying all that you can learn by enrolling.

Porsche Sport Driving School:

BMW M Performance Driving School unfortunately BMW has not created that great advertising video like the other companies, but that doesn’t impact the overall learning experience.


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