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A racing chair that doesn’t move, but looks good

Sometimes there’s nothing better than sitting in a great chair. You know, your car’s bucket seat, your boss’ leather swivel chair, and of course your trusty computer desk chair. But we all know there’s always a way to make things better. Have you ever thought about sitting in a chair that is reminiscent of your favorite driver or car from the past? Below are some of the greatest chairs you can find from a company called Racing & Emotion. Each art chairs is specifically designed to mimic the liveries of your favorite past time racer. These lovely chairs come in two shapes: egg or pod. Each is a leather lined, bespoke design and hand finished in Le Mans, France to capture the true spirit of the sport – Motor Racing. The only downside to these pieces of art is the price…. priced exactly like a piece of art which are shipped from overseas. If you need another shop why not try Classic Heroes?


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