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Auto Companies that Get it Right

From the South of Germany in a quiet little commuter town is Alpina, a tried and true BMW manufacturer. Why Alpina? Because like all automotive enthusiasts we enjoy extending the work of the factory designers to create our own masterpiece from our long hours of blood, sweat, and tears. There is some unwritten rule for enthusiasts not allow others to have the same exact car as they do. Meaning anyone can purchase the Porsche 911, but you can’t have a Porsche 911 like I have which includes bigger turbos, refined bucket seats and, of course, different wheels.

While this is true, sometimes fans realize there are some companies that just do it better. And for the cars of BMW no one out performs Alpina, with their luxury styling and tasteful additions of horsepower transforming the ordinary into extraordinary. The interesting thing about Alpina is they are actually recognized as a manufacturer and not an aftermarket tuner. They work closely with BMW to produce exclusive vehicles right off similar factory production lines. This even includes supplying BMW dealers with their replacement parts. Alpina is the only company to work on engine and chassis development with BMW’s official approval; they tailor their range of automobiles to the demands of sports car cognoscenti – highly experienced drivers who combine a love of power and performance with a taste for luxury and quality of life. The refined comfort, stunning lines and increased speed is easily applied for real world practicality.

Below have a look at the latest creation from Alpina – the B3 GTS. This limited edition model is based on the BMW APLINA B3 S Bi-Turbo Coupe and is strictly limited to 99 models, which will be available in spring of 2012. The cost is a simple $125,000 and is offered in black, white or green vinyl wrapped showcar.

Speaking of performance, owners of this masterpiece and expect nothing less than exceptional. Alpina redesigned sections of the exhaust system along with fitting a new rear silencer to reduce the exhaust back pressure resulting in an increased output in the B3 GT3 by 8 hp. Developed in collaboration with Akrapovič, the renowned specialist for Titanium exhaust systems, users can expect race performance with the elegant styling.  The direct injection engine now delivers a total power output of 408 hp at 6000 rpm and 398 ft-lbs. of torque at 4500 rpm.

To aid the stopping power for the extra ponies a high performance motor sport brake set-up with 6-piston fixed calipers at the front and 4-piston fixed caliper at the rear, with discs measuring 380 x 35 mm at the front and 355 x 32 mm at the rear, has been installed. Race-bred coilovers have also been included on the vehicle to create an extremely neutral set-up that is dynamic enough to handle normal driving all the way to track driving. And undoubtedly no Alpina would be complete without their official stamp of approval – the classic 19” lightweight forged alloy wheels. These 20 spoke wheels provide a 25% weight reduction which also improves the steering feel and input and at the same time provide a timeless design. These new wheels sizes are 8.5 x 19” front and 9.5 x 19” rear.

Externally the car is fitted with a combination of pieces. A carbon front splitter, which is mounted on the underside of the front spoiler, and dive plates, which are mounted on the side of the front valence, ensures excellent aerodynamic properties at the front. To achieve an ideal aerodynamic balance a carbon wing is mounted at the rear. The profile of the rear wing is such, that it reduces lift at the rear significantly without negatively affecting the drag coefficient. The rear diffuser, in matte black, also plays a part in ensuring that the aerodynamic efficiency at the rear end is improved.

Finally, for the interior expect nothing but the finest taste and feel. You’ll discover the car wrapped in black leather/alcantara interior upholstery and both driver and passenger are seated in lightweight Recaro sport seats with seat heating. Does it make you drool? Yeah we thought so. Who doesn’t love heated race seats?!

Source: Alpina Automobiles


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