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Weekender Fashion – Richard Hammond is American as Apple Pie

Richard is nothing but special to us because no matter how hard he tries is still a Brit with an American heart. His humor, his sense of automotive commentary and his love for NASCAR is all that makes him great. Hearing his love for American muscle cars makes us smile from ear to ear; there’s just something so fun about his passion. For this weekender fashion we will promote his very simple way of dressing. Sometimes you don’t want to be dressed head to toe in the formals when comfortably cruising the country roads in a muscle car. So Richard we salute you and your style.

1) The Elder Statesman – Rib Tuck Cashmere Scarf

2) Diesel Denim Jeans – Excess Straight

3) Barbour – Steve McQueen Jacket

4) Tag Heuer – Monaco Watch

5) Etro – Bar Stripe Sock

6) R.M. Williams – Durack Boots

7) Paul Smith – Tailored Fit Shirt


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