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Another Take on Cufflinks

Dressing the part is half of owning the car. Helping owners live this through is Maserati, who is now offering owners cufflinks and jewelry to match their GranTurismo or Quattroporte. Maserati has teamed up with Italian jewelers Damiani for an array of accessories bearing the marque’s Trident emblem. The showcase is made up of three collections – Icon, Elegance and Pure – each comprising a keyring, a pair of cufflinks and a necklace.

The emblematic Maserati Trident is mainstay in every piece, as the symbol of the brand and its tradition. The first collection, ICON, in silver and blue enamel, features Maserati’s iconic color together with a chic, minimalistic design that plays with the shape of the oval and the Trident logo on the front. The second collection, ELEGANCE, in silver, combines a neat design with great attention to detail: it features the Maserati logo characteristic oval shape with the Trident embossed on the front. The third collection, PURE, in silver as well, has a stylish sleek design combined with a round shape: the Maserati Trident is engraved on the front. For good measure we have included the all silver grill which is made from stainless steel but adds a hint of color from the pink gold.

Can’t wait to get yours? Visit for more information and immediate satisfaction.


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