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A Classic Sporty Throwback

A handful of car companies are brave enough to remind customers about the cars of their past. One company that consistently delivered this mantra is Porsche. Back in 2010 Porsche Exclusive decided to recreate one of the greatest driving cars they have from their past but with a modern twist.

For those who have never heard about Porsche Exclusive, they are the company that brings Porsche dreams to life for the right price. Exclusive and elusive is exactly how to describe this car. Only 250 were built which took over three years to develop. The most striking feature of this throwback– the ducktail at the rear of the car which came from the 1973 Carrera RS 2.7.  This car however, is anything but historic. The engine pumps out an astonishing 408 horsepower with torque remaining at 310 lb-ft and it’s all built from a Carrera S’s 3.8 liter flat-six paired with a six-speed manual gearbox. That’s right; this car will only come with as a manual (as any real man’s car should).

The entire package is based on the Carrera S but uses 4S rear bodywork, allowing for a wider rear track. From a design perspective the rear body arches were typically found on all-wheel-drive Carrera 4 and not the standard rear-wheel-drive Porsche. The most obvious aesthetic change is the double-dome roof, which was intelligently designed to channel wind directly over the top of the car and is now part of most modern super car designs. We are sure that the ducktail might not sit well with all, but it does deliver on a very “unique factor” level. The interior is treated with fine Espresso-colored leather, covering the dash and the seats. The seat inserts, however, are crafted in gorgeous woven leather. Grey piping matches the Alcantara headliner as well as the double center stripes on the exterior. Here its important to point the details, just look at how the piping adds so much more “pop” to the interior.

To help move the car and further create that throwback look, black-painted 19-inch wheels are styled after the iconic Fuchs wheels familiar to vintage-911 oglers. Porsche used a similar wheel design on new cars from 1966 through the late-1980s. Other small touches are the as black headlight-trim rings, black side-mirror brackets, and ceramic brakes with brilliant yellow racing calipers, these additions help set this “Sportier” 911 apart and gives it a “Classic” feel. Sadly though, this car was never intended for this side of globe (North America) but there’s no shame in dreaming. Oh.. maybe one day.

Image sources: Autoblog, Car and Driver, and Porsche Press Release


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