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Sunday Drive Visits Skip Barber Open House

On April 19th we were able to sign up for the Skip Barber Open House at Lime Rock Park, CT. The idea of the open house is to give visitors a sense of what they could be experiencing by signing up for Skip Barber’s driving schools. For our event the layout was very simple: four driving events, two where visitors control the vehicle and two where visitors spectate. Visitors are able to line-up for any event they felt was appropriate for them. So for us we decided to try the Lotus Evora, Porsche 911 or Lexus IS-F ride-along first, then we went for the Mazda 3 autocross (no photos were taken), then the Mazda Miata spec car ride along (the greatest feeling because my driver was racing other cars on the track which delivered the true racing experience) and finally (the longest line of all) the Mazda RX-8 skip pad. One thing about the skid pad – the RX-8 had the rear camber toed out so it would oversteer unknowingly when any gas was applied. It would take some time, but some drivers were able to get the feel of the slide.  So what better way to spend a fresh spring day than with fellow motor heads all enjoying motoring events. Just like a ride at Disney World the lines take forever, then the ride is a blast but its over in a matter of minutes. Is it worth it? You bet… every second.


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