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Spotted in the Wild

On a recent trip to Deal’s Gap, also known as Tail of the Dragon I came across a BMW 325es. At first glance I thought it was a modified 325, but after focusing on the rear badge I noticed the two letters that most haven’t seen – “es”. The es was introduced in 1986. It was modeled after the 318i of that time, but came with the slightly detuned Euro motor but not by much. The 325e came with a 2.7 six cylinder motor that created 121 hp at 4250 rpm, and 170 lbs-ft (that was also in the es models). What’s even more interesting is even in 1986 the 325es model came with a firmer suspension, limited-slip differential, spoilers on both ends, Recaro-style sport seats, and a three-spoke “sport” steering wheel. All these enhancements made the 325es the sporty two door sedan version of the 325e. What that really means is you still have a full backseat that could fit two adults. The one we see below was spotted out in the wild and is outfitted with rally grade additional headlamps/foglights. Could you ask for more? Only to capture the car moving. Our favorite feature, hard to say exactly but those pinstripes sure are near the top of the list.


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