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If We Had To Talk Concepts

We have never been big on concept cars. They are often loads of marketing and branding that ultimately result in a very washed up version of what the public wanted or was initially envisioned. Things are a bit different with Renault and their latest incarnation of the Alpine A110-50. How is it different? Maybe it’s the fact that they designed the body work and then attached it to a tube frame chassis and began showing off how it would look driving on the twists at heart-pumping speeds. This is their interpretation of a timeless design. It was commissioned to mark the 50th anniversary of the iconic Alpine A110 Berlinette. The reason this works so well is because most marketing stunts typically highlight a concept car on a platform, on a stage or a computer generated photo. Here we get to see and hear the beast roam about – resonating more with everyone’s senses and making the car feel closer to reality. So while we wait for the real deal to arrive at the party, let’s soak in the beautifully done carbon fiber body, updated Alpine Blue paint and 3.5 liter V6 pumping out 400 horsepower. This is a concept that has never looked so good and was done so well. Tell me those engine sounds don’t want to make you drive.


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