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The Only Raincoat You Need

Very rarely do we leave an umbrella in our cars and even worse we never carry one when we need it most. After scouring the web for motoring goodies we can across this overseas raincoat. The small company in Stockholm that helps their local community is Stutterheim. The company came about after a young man found one of his father’s old raincoats in an old barn. He has since then recreated the exact raincoat using his very own hands. The coat and all of its seams are taped and sealed to ensure the very best in quality. You can be satisfied knowing that everything is hand made with a discreet, classical cut. Above is Arholma Grön version of this classic raincoat.

How does this relate to motoring? Well I’m glad you asked. This green is inspired from Stutterheim’s grandfather’s 1960’s British Racing Green Jaguar.  We couldn’t agree more with his choice of color. The car below is nothing but inspiration – it may not have been his father’s car, but we like to think it was.


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