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Everything you need for 2012 24 hours of Le Mans

The 2012 Hours of Le Mans is here:

2012 will be the 80th running of the Le Mans 24 Hours; the greatest endurance race of them all! Last year Audi won despite losing two cars in the most horrific crashes seen at Le Mans for years. Back in this year’s line-up Audi have 4 cars entered. Audi however will have competition with the return of Toyota in their new Hybrid TS030 car. It was a timely entry as Peugeot has renounced their entry in motorsports due the economic downturn in the past couple of years.  The 2012 Hours of Le Mans will be the debut for the two Toyota’s, and all eyes will watching to see if they can battle the goliath (Audi). In sad news though, BMW has not entered any cars as they have been focused on supporting their 2012 entry back in the DTM series. Their lovely art cars will be missed.

In case you haven’t see what this year will bring be sure to watch the 2012 Preview presented by ALMS

The title fight is between these two teams and cars (the blue Toyota is the actual race livery):

To help you prepare for your weekend of Le Mans we have put together many tid-bits to help you stay covered from start to finish.

Live timing timing and weather information during qualifying and the race will be provided on the WEC site -> Live FIA WEC

The Race will Start at: 3:00PM CET (9AM Eastern Standard Time), Saturday June 16, 2012

In the United States Speed’s alternating broadcast schedule on TV and

  • Speed TV (part 1): 8:30AM – 1PM
  • 1PM – 2:30PM
  • Speed TV (part 2): 2:30PM – 7PM
  • 7:00PM – 7:30PM
  • Speed TV (parts 3 and 4): 7:30PM – remainder of race (through 9AM Sunday)

If you cannot watch it be sure to clear your DVR and record these times. For those who need your Spotters Guides pick them up from They are available in huge or big sizes.

For Live streaming this year there will be a number of sites that will show the race. Audi once again has stepped up and will provide the live streaming on their website for the entire race from start to finish. Audi’s live streaming will not go live until the drop of the green flag so be sure to bookmark their site -> Audi live streaming

Radio Le Mans Coverage Schedule for the entire race weekend (sometimes great paired with streaming online coverage when no audio is available)

(All times are BST.)

Friday 15 June

  • 14:00 Le Mans Qualifying Review

Saturday 16 June

  • 07:45 Le Mans Warm-up
  • 13:00 Nissan Countdown to Green
  • 14:00 Le Mans 2012: Race

Sunday 17 June

  • 14:00 Le Mans 2012: Finish followed by post race

Updates for the 2012 hybrid race cars:

The FIA has defined new braking rules for teams that run hybrid systems, where braking is sufficiently heavy. The hybrid systems of Audi and Toyota recover the energy generated under braking. Previously this was lost; it is now stored and transmitted under acceleration. In order to limit the size of these systems – and the budgets required for their development – the ACO and the FIA have imposed a maximum quantity of energy that can be transmitted between two braking phases: 500 kilojoules. Each hybrid car can take advantage of additional electric power without exceeding the minima laid down in the technical regulations.

For the 13,629-km Le Mans circuit there will be seven. (See image)

  • Zone no. 1: Dunlop chicane (no. 8 marshal’s post)
  • Zone no. 2: Forza Motorsport Chicane (no. 42 marshals’ post)
  • Zone no. 3: Michelin Chicane (no. 60 marshals’ post)
  • Zone no. 4: Mulsanne corner (no. 76 marshals’ post)
  • Zone no. 5: Indianapolis Corner (no. 96 marshals’ post)
  • Zone no. 6: Porsche Corner (no. 115b marshals’ post)
  • Zone no. 7: Ford Corner (no. 131 marshals’ post)

The entry to each zone is 50 meters before the corner in question. Four of the 56 cars entered for the 2012 Le Mans 24 Hours have hybrid engines: the nos 1 & 2 Audi R18 e-tron quattros and the nos 7 & 8 Toyota TS030s.

It is worth noting that in the case of Audi where the energy is fed to the front drive train the car must be running above 120 km/h for the transmission to take place. For Toyota, on the other hand, in which the energy is fed to the rear drive train there is no minimum speed.

As an experimental class the Nissan DeltaWing will be running the full course of the race but will not be listed in the final results. The DeltaWing is purely testing its design theory at the hardest race of them all. Nissan is trying to prove that with a car half the weight and drag of a conventional racer it can still compete at the top. the Delta Wing will aim to use half as much fuel and tyres of its rivals with its turbocharged 1.6 four cylinder engine, ultimately they are trying to make racing more efficient by consuming far less resources. So their running will mark a historic mile stone and the information feedback could be ground breaking.

And finally if you need all this information in one tightly packaged website please visit this site -> Le Mans Mini-site

The group is looking forward to your support and they will be racing for victory this Saturday. Enjoy the race!


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