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Behind the Numbers – BRZ vs FR-S

All the talk is about how Toyota and Subaru have created the newest, most pure driving vehicle. Now as the 2012 sales have kicked off for May and June we can clearly see that Scion is outselling the BRZ here in the United States.

It’s hard to point out one particular reason why one would outsell the other, but we have provided nearly identical photos of both the Scion FR-S and the Subaru BRZ (provided by Autoblog). From the photos you can see how the two cars are identical, yet are very different. Ultimately the consumers will decide which model will take the overall win in number of units sold, but for now its all about getting more rear wheel drive vehicles back on the road.

Below is a summary table of the sales after two months. It’s important to know that Scion is selling through 1,000 dealerships while Subaru is selling through 600 according to USA Today. Looking at the numbers we see that the FR-S is selling nearly 3 times as many vehicles versus the Subaru BRZ in the past month.

Model Average Price(1) Units Sold (2) Est. Total Revenue
FR-S $25,653 2,684 $68,852,652
BRZ $29,085 818 $23,791,530
(1) Numbers provided by USA Today
(2) Numbers provided by Bloomberg Terminal

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