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Track Day Action

There’s nothing better than getting your car from the street to the track. Race tracks in the US are something like Pokemon characters – you want to drive them all. On top of that, you can buy a little sticker to declare your conquest. The only downside of a race track is one’s  ability to drive flat out or ten tenths. There are instances that will remind you of how quickly everything can end if you’re not on top of it.

Here are some in-car footage of the 2012 two day session which allowed us to drive on NJMP Lightning and Thunderbolt tracks.

Video 1 – In car footage of Thunderbolt

Video 2 – Chase car of RX-7 at Thunderbolt

But the danger always looms. In the last video you will see what happens when a slight miss-shift can do to a car. The rear locked shifting from fourth to third and then the car kicked out quickly.

Video 3 – Spin out


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