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One Car to Do It All

Jack Olsen has really made a name for himself over the past coulpe fo years. How did he do it? First start humble, then buy a Porsche, then show everyone online how to transform your two car garage into every man’s dream garage and finally, continue to be humble and share your success with others as you do all the work yourself, including working on the Porsche. I’m sure we have all seen this garage photo – yup, its Jack’s.


Jack is well known for his 12-Gauge Garage which now has its own dedicated website. But before it became the most well known garage on the internet it all started out with this small beginning: 12-Gauge Garage web forum, and inside that garage he built a lairy Porsche 911 nicknamed Black Beauty II (though I don’t recall reading that title). So enough about the garage and on with the best video capturing Jack’s Porsche that does everything a daily driver and weekend warrior would ever need to do.



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