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24H of Dubai Saudi Falcon Team

Those of you who decided to tune into the start of the Enduro season with the Dunlop 24 hour of Dubai, you would have noticed the updated BMW z4 GT3 entry from Saudi Falcon team, in association with Schubert Motorsport. These 4.4 liter V8 engines produce a whopping 515HP at 8,200 RPM. The pair of BMWs were very noticeable with their bright metallic paint  with yellow accents. The team showed great pace and had a strong start to the new year, qualifying fourth and fifth overall. However disaster struck when one of the car’s engine oil pump decided to give up. Then as things were heating up on track the sister car was hit from the rear forcing it to dive into the pits for repairs. Ultimately both cars retired due to engine problems. Yet, there is some silver lining in this sob story – a video that was created to highlight the promise of this team. There’s no better way than to gain a following from fans than to create an epic story from your 24 excursion. Words are great, but footage is even better, plus they were able to use the radio narration provided by John Hindhaugh of Radio Le Mans.

Z4 GT3 On tracking Z4 GT3 brakingZ4 GT3 Staged


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