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IWC meets Formula 1

Here’s a mouth full: Ingenieur Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month, Ref. IW379201

IWC for 2013 has introduced a series of watches targeting the Formula 1 fans. This all comes with their announcement to partner with the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team. It was actually announced in 2012. This partnership was founded on their commitment to push back the boundaries of mechanics and technology.

face upclose Mercedes-Benz-F1-engine

2013 launches of the new line watches entitled Ingenieur. From this line we will focus on the Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month. Immediately you will see that the watch face draws on inspiration from an F1 steering wheel. The layout mimics the dozens of displays, dials, and buttons all tediously placed within every inch of the steering wheel. And like all things this watch will take some getting used to. The watch face features four “circles” grouped around a central axis. A large number display make it easy for any user to read, but knowing what you’re looking at will take some practice. Luckily the two East and West circles are labeled at the bottom. The 4-year leap year cycle is shown digitally, which basically means the watch is programmed to show February 29th every four years.

The watch is constructed out of titanium aluminide for its strength and appearance. As in motor racing, titanium aluminide is used for pistons and valves: this is because the alloy is lighter and tougher than pure titanium and very well suited to the extreme temperatures generated in the combustion chamber.  For IWC, the watch was under construction for three years until the machining process was perfected to build the bezel from this strong metal. The push-buttons, screw heads and the crown and its protective shoulders are made of black ceramic, which is resembles brake rotors from F1 cars. The band for this watch is a black rubber strap with alligator leather inlay.

Another unique feature modeled from a Formula 1 car is the KERS system. In this case, IWC introduced a way for the watch to store energy from advancing he date display every night. Then at the end of the month this stored energy is discharged; which also happens at the end of every year when having to advance the watch date. Interestingly on New Year’s Eve, the five displays begin to move simultaneously to show its complex workings of craftsmanship.

All of this sounds like a pretty amazing watch, right? Well it should. The only downside is this watch comes with a Formula 1 price; $49,700 to be exact. That price makes this watch a true gift for those that can afford it. One will be paying for precision, styling and above all else, craftsmanship which is the same level found within the sport of Formula 1. Man this sport is great.

front back front side Back of watch IWC-Ingenieur-Titanium-Perpetual-Calendar-Digital-Date-Rotor-IW379201-620x541


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