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Track Day Prep – Brake Pads

Okay – some people said the blog isn’t personal enough. Or question whether I am qualified to question automobiles and race cars. Well…. I have finally decided to share more about my fleet here at Sunday Drive.

What better way to introduce to the car than through some upgrades. First up are some general maintenance items necessary for a recent track day. The ’94 Mazda RX-7 (touring model) in my fleet was running on EBC yellows on all four corners. The yellows worked well, but they lacked the initial bite when out on the street. Last year’s two day track event in November left the front pads with about 1/3rd meat. Overall they are a great pad, but at times on track left me wishing for more feedback. Considering the car was built in the 90’s pedal feel is hard to come by – it just was not at the top of the list. For those that do own a RX-7 FD, you can upgrade your master cylinder to a 929 cylinder which will allow for a little more feedback, since it’s larger and you can modulate the pressure.

Back to the upgrades. Understand though – I believe the true driving experience is driving your car from the street to the track and back home again. It’s a full weekend of getting in touch with the car, as you really get to explore the limits of grip and risk.

To help with the street compliance I decided to run the EBC blue stuff.  Nearly the same compound as yellow stuff, but with a focus on strong initial bite. After slotting these lovely pads in the car, I can surely say it was a true upgrade. Kind in mind, the car is roughly 2810 lbs. with a half take of gas and a spare tire in the trunk. The cold initial bite of the pads out on street are definitely enough to get the tires to squeak. These pads do not necessarily help with the pedal feel, but they inspire confidence when needing to brake.

EBC Brake 1 EBC Brake 2 EBC Brake 3


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