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Falken Tire Expansion Hits Europe

More and more companies are realizing that they need to be in more than one market, especially if you’re name is a title sponsor for top race teams. In 2013 Falken put together a movie highlighting their campaign at the famed Nurburgring 24H. In the states we are bit spoiled since the Falken Porsche car has been running with AMLS for the past couple of years. What’s better is the have stuck with their iconic livery, so no matter what year of racing you can easily spot the team. For the Nurburgring 24H they did just that, along with bring a film crew, Motioncrtl, to capture that wins and failures as it played out during the race. The video is 30 minutes, but its a great watch especially for those Porsche lovers. Grab something to snack  on or simply plug in your headphones and enjoy art in motion.


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