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277 Porsche

This 277 Porsche has soul. Why? Because this Porsche does not sit in the garage; its driven hard. Let the folks over at Roads & Rides  tell you more as they decided to focus more attention on the car than the driver. Their video does a fantastic job of sharing images as 277 traverses the California hills. The video does a great job of capturing it all.

277’s highlights:

High(er) mileage [than normal historics], check

Modded out, check

Rock chips, check

Drives to and from the track, check

Battlescars, check

It’s the general use of this car that delivers this much character. Every encounter with the road this car develops another piece of character. The moment this car gets passed on to the next owner there will be a story to tell (especially with 14 years of ownership with Magnus). This Porsche is used and abused, but at the same time cared for with so much love. It is nearly as good as the Jack Olsen Porsche – One Car to Do It All. We need more of these.


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