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Charge Mazda 787B

Yup, its the classic Group C Charge Mazda 787B that we want to share. You’re probably wondering what the difference is between the 787 and 787B. Well it comes down to this: the 787B has an ECU to controlld the action of the telescopic intake for the rotary engine – how cool is that?!

However we are not focusing on how cool this car looks, but rather how GREAT it sounds! This year at the 2014 Spa Classic we found a lad who strapped a GoPro to the inside of the Mazda 787B that he was racing. Enjoy the great video demonstrating how difficult it is to pilot one of these types of cars around the famed Spa Francorchamp Circuit.

Here are some additional sounds of the race winning Mazda 787B, that was restored, and driven in demonstration laps at the 2011 24 Hours of Le Mans

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82nd Running of Le Mans 24 Hours

It’s that time of year again when we drop all that have planned over the weekend to take part in watching the world’s most respected race – 24 Hours du Le Mans. This marks the 82nd running of the world famous race, and man does it have some exciting news for this year.


2014-Journee-Test---24-Heures-du-Mans--SBA-1424A-JT--BA-0340_hd the collective

What’s new for this year?

This year is the first for three top manufactures going all out to claim the top spot. This year marks the return of Porsche, running two factory LMP1 hybrid race cars set out to battle Toyota and the reigning champions, Audi. On top of that, the ACO organizers have imposed rules stating that top-tier LMP1 cars (just listed) will have to run this year’s race using roughly 30% less fuel than that of last year, which will be monitored live throughout the entire race. Let’s introduce the contenders.

Audi’s R18 E-tron quattro will run a 4 liter, turbo diesel V6 engine with flywheel hybrid technology (combined power of nearly 770HP)

Audi LMP1 2014 Audi-Motor-Sport



Toyota’s TS040 will run a naturally aspirated V8 supplemented by a supercapacitor hybrid storage/deliver unit (combined power of 1000HP)

Toyota LMP1 2014 2014-toyota-ts040-hybrid-le-mans-prototype_100461701_l


Porsche’s 919 will run a turbo V4 (yes, V4 motor) with an energy recovery system (ERS) hybrid system (combined power of nearly 800HP)

Porsche LMP1 2014 Porsche-919-Hybrid-3


Garage 56 entry, which is designed for experimental cars, has been taken by Nissan’s ZEOD and will be  piloted by Nissan PlayStation GT Academy winner Lucas Ordóñez. We hope this car can make it to the end.


Corvette Racing will be returning for their 15th anniversary of running at Le Mans with guest driver Jordan Taylor, who will join Jan Magnussen and Antonio Garcia to battle the GTE-Pro category for the top step.

Corvette 2014 Corvette C7 Race team

Dempsey Racing is back this year, but fielding a car produced by Proton featuring an all American team of Patrick Dempsey, Joe Foster and Patrick Long

2014 Proton Porsche team

As for the track the Ford Chicane now features rather beefy ‘baguette’ inner curbs to dissuade corner cutting (and the subsequent massive intrusion of gravel onto the track surface).

Ford Curbing



How to enjoy the race remotely!

With all that said, set aside your Saturday and Sunday plans and fill your 24H information needs from the following links:

24Hours of Le Mans Home Page (live timing and ranking)

Before this weekend’s race be sure you print off your spotters guide and study hard all thanks to the hard work from Andy Blackmore, 2014 Le Mans Spotters Guide

Live ACO Official TV-feed can be streamed directly to your iPhone/iPad or Android by the ACO Official app found here: iTunes or Google Play Store

Nismo TV will be hosting their live stream via Youtube

Static Cameras track side from Le Mans will be available here: Lemans-TV

Corvette Racing will be streaming their two cars (in car footage and pit camera) in conjuction with Fox: FoxSports

Live radio commentary is provided by RadioLemans; new this year is a webcam showing their mobile media center

Live timing can be found in three locations: http://en.lemanslive.com/ or http://www.24h-lemans.com/live/en/ or (clean single page) http://live.fiawec.com/

For those located here in the United States you can enjoy the race on TV:

TV SCHEDULE (all times EST):

Saturday, June 14 – 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM (FOX Sports 1, LIVE)
Saturday, June 14 – 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM (FOX Sports 2, LIVE)
Saturday, June 14 – 6:30 PM to 1:00 AM (FOX Sports 2, LIVE)
Sunday, June 14 – 1:00 AM to 7:30 AM (FOX Sports 1, LIVE)
Sunday, June 15 – 7:30 AM to 9:30 AM (FOX Sports 2, LIVE)
Entire race streamed LIVE on FOX Sports GO​ (if subscribed and offered in your area)

Pre-made Tweeter feeds for this year’s race

All of these could not be possible without Thomas Baekdal


And of course nothing would be completed without some Videos to get you ready for the race:

Road to Le Mans

We Are Racers Series 1 & 2


Fun Le Man Infographic


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Lotus Introduces Tron

Lotus Motorcyles C-01Actually it’s called the C-01 and this is why we love small motor companies and builders; creators are able to go from design to final product in a short period of time. On top of this, they actually listen to what the fans are saying and we’re not talking about those so called “journalists”. God knows they cannot say anything negative without fear of not getting a call back for the next test.

Small motors companies that act more like the video game community will probably prosper as the fans are not shy to share their thoughts and give direct feedback, which usually translates into a product people will want to buy.

Here Lotus-Motorcycles introduces the C-01 lead by Dr. Colin Kolles and designed by Daniel Simon (work seen in Tron: Legacy). 100 examples will be built and sold. According to Dr. Kolles: “We set out to create a bike that isn’t just great to ride but also represents a piece of art in motion. Over the years I have seen my fair share of style over substance, what this bike brings to the market is a unique combination of both: state of the art technology with a truly jaw-dropping aesthetic.”

Now enjoy 200HP of pure real world Tron.

Lotus Motorcyles C-01 Lotus Motorcyles C-01 Lotus Motorcyles C-01 Lotus Motorcyles C-01 Lotus Motorcyles C-01 Lotus Motorcyles C-01 Lotus Motorcyles C-01

Need more check out their site: Lotus Motorcycles

Read the full press release here: Lotus-Motorcycles Press Release

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Pushing the Virtual Divide

Out now on Playstation’s youtube site is a documentary film about Kazunori Yamauchi’s Gran Turismo video game. The documentary covers how this game series brought virtual race car drivers into real world machines. The best part is the results have actually been quite astonishing. The film you’re about to see is how he accomplished his ultimate goal; realizing that video games and the real world can collide in a positive manner as it relates to the automotive industry.

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277 Porsche

This 277 Porsche has soul. Why? Because this Porsche does not sit in the garage; its driven hard. Let the folks over at Roads & Rides  tell you more as they decided to focus more attention on the car than the driver. Their video does a fantastic job of sharing images as 277 traverses the California hills. The video does a great job of capturing it all.

277’s highlights:

High(er) mileage [than normal historics], check

Modded out, check

Rock chips, check

Drives to and from the track, check

Battlescars, check

It’s the general use of this car that delivers this much character. Every encounter with the road this car develops another piece of character. The moment this car gets passed on to the next owner there will be a story to tell (especially with 14 years of ownership with Magnus). This Porsche is used and abused, but at the same time cared for with so much love. It is nearly as good as the Jack Olsen Porsche – One Car to Do It All. We need more of these.

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Its Not All About Cars

Here’s a guy who does what he loves. Its not about the money, not about the fame, but for the fact that he created something he can really enjoy; maybe even brings joy to others. If you listen to the words shared by  Todd Blubaugh you can imagine he might be talking about cars too.

Below are some of Todd’s photographs of the bikes he creates.

7_rd-nose-for-web 7_rd-doorway 7_0715 7_cb200All photos copywrite Todd Blubaugh