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Spotted in the Wild

On a recent trip to Deal’s Gap, also known as Tail of the Dragon I came across a BMW 325es. At first glance I thought it was a modified 325, but after focusing on the rear badge I noticed the two letters that most haven’t seen – “es”. The es was introduced in 1986. It was modeled after the 318i of that time, but came with the slightly detuned Euro motor but not by much. The 325e came with a 2.7 six cylinder motor that created 121 hp at 4250 rpm, and 170 lbs-ft (that was also in the es models). What’s even more interesting is even in 1986 the 325es model came with a firmer suspension, limited-slip differential, spoilers on both ends, Recaro-style sport seats, and a three-spoke “sport” steering wheel. All these enhancements made the 325es the sporty two door sedan version of the 325e. What that really means is you still have a full backseat that could fit two adults. The one we see below was spotted out in the wild and is outfitted with rally grade additional headlamps/foglights. Could you ask for more? Only to capture the car moving. Our favorite feature, hard to say exactly but those pinstripes sure are near the top of the list.

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A RAID Suisse-Paris Wrist Watch

To commorate the relationship with a one of a kind rally, Oris produced a special edition Chronograph to help drivers achieve their times. To mark the occasion of the 21st RAID Suisse-Paris Oris has created the Oris RAID 2011 Chronograph Edition, limited to 500 pieces. This beautiful timepiece features innovative design functions which are instrumental in assisting the co-pilot to time the rallye legs.

This watch is the second in a series of RAID chronograph watches that started in 2010. For those not familiar with the race, the watch is named after the RAID Suisse-Paris which originated in 1991 and involves pre- 1975 classic cars in a 600-mile contest that begins in Basel, Switzerland and ends in Paris, France. Last year’s 2010 Raid watch was inspired by a 1952 Jaguar XK 120, while this years watch is inspired by the prestigious 1953 Austin Healey 100M. In fact, the 2011 Chronograph watch is paying homage to the honorable winner of the RAID 2010.

The intricate dials of the Oris RAID 2011 Chronograph Edition have been inspired by the characteristic dashboard design of the 1953 Austin Healey 100M (named after the car’s ability to exceed 100mph). This version of the watch dial come in a simple black and silver color and is held to the wrist by a black leather strap with a stainless steel folding clasp. Every detail was carefully examined when this watch was conceived as the top red painted minute hand is instrumental in aiding the copilot easily identify the seconds as they tick. Enhancing the resilience of each model, the chronograph movement is housed within a stainless steel case with double curved sapphire crystal and a non reflective coating on the inside, whilst the RAID Suisse-Paris logo is exclusively displayed on the case back. The number 21 of the date disc is printed in red, in respect to the 21st RAID Suisse-Paris.

Each piece is presented in a luxury wooden box to further notify the owner that his/her Oris RAID 2011 timepiece is elegant in design which is perfect for classic car and watch lovers alike.

Image Source: Oris and Topper Jewelers

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Rally Inspired Watch

We want to see more timepieces that continue the tradition of motorsport influence. We have seen a number of pilot watches; however, we strongly feel that in the racing world there are a number of instruments that indicate time but have not been incorporated into a wrist watch. One company that is changing that is Edox. This small family owned, independent company that has introduced a line of watches that represent their strategic partnership with the World Rally Challenge. The best part of their watches is the price – starting at around $2000 a piece; a completely responsible and sustainable price if we must say so.

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Remember back when

Here is a web special that will take you back through time to an endurance race through the mountains of Sicily. We wish this form of racing would come back. Pure, unedited racing that takes place on tight mountain passes through small towns near Palermo. Allow me to introduce you to Targa Florio.

Porsche Targa Florio Flipbook

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Rally Daze

Remember when die-hard fans would watch in attendance by the hundreds-of-thousands? Looking at the pictures would have put you in a daze – all you saw was a sea of people. Well, all me to remind you of how it was. Yeah we want those days back.

Here’s a little film to remind you of the sound of rally.

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30 year history

This is a video we came across about the Endorpale which takes place on the beaches of Le Touquet, and has been happening over the last 30 years. The objective is for you and 1,500 other riders to race from one side of the beach to the other. The beach course has been created for a difficult ride to increase the show for the onlookers. What more can you ask for besides how to participate?