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Oris Artix GT Watch

Sometimes it is not always about having the newest and in this case we are looking at watch that was introduced in 2012. Sometimes the best things fly under the radar until its re-discovered.

00_Oris Artix GT Chronograph

Our spotlights is on the Oris Artix GT Chronograph. This particular watch was produced to build on Oris’ motorsport heritage and resemble true classic motorsport through the design of a unique seconds counter that mimics a redline rev limiter. Some people might not know this company; all we can say is they have been around for over a hundred years and are a sponsor of the Le Man winning LMP1 Audi team. Oris has a long tradition of being involved with motorsports and it makes perfect sense to continue that movement with this timepiece.

The Artix GT Chronograph watch is a multi-piece construction with a stainless steel case and a black ceramic bezel that comes with a rubberized edge. The bezel is etched with a tachymeter (minute) scale. The etching and red 12 o’clock triangle provide an easy mark for the user to set the starting point. The rotating bezel is adjustable forward and backwards. Like the face of the watch, the backside of the case has a sapphire crystal displaying the inner mechanics of a fine automatic watch. The inner workings of this watch are provided by a 44mm Valjoux ETA 7750 movement.

The watch face only comes in black, which contains three other dials. Two dials at the 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock track 30 minutes and 12 hours, respectively. Then the unique dial located at the 9 o’clock position will display the smaller seconds with a mechanism that looks like a building RPM gauge. In the industry it is known as a linear retrograde seconds dial. The watch even manages to squeeze in a date window located within the hour counter at the 6 o’clock position.

Another feature is found on the hands of the watch. These polished hands are finished with a Superluminova inlay that means you will never be left in the dark when you need the time. The watch can be configured with either a rubber strap with folding clasp or stainless steel bracelet. This watch is priced around $2,000 which is what you can expect for a quality automatic chronograph that is versatile for business or pleasure.

05_artix_gt_chro 03_artix_gt_chro 06_artix_gt_chro 04_artix_gt_chro 02_artix_gt_chro
Photo credit: Mastersea and Oris

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Weekender Fashion – Loose Lipped Jeremy Clarkson

We are going to finish up our weekender fashion of the BBC UK Top Gear hosts with our favorite loose lipped car reviewer. Not only does he not give a damn about the authorities in any form, but he doesn’t give a damn about his outfits. Traditionally it’s always been a button up shirt, jeans and pair of worn in driving shoes. To continue in his honor we present our slightly refined look of Jeremy Clarkson.

1.  Baldessarini – Black Corduroy Jacket Slim Fit – Here

2 . Vintage Rolex Watch

3. Brioni – Polished Leather Belt – Here

4.  Remembrance Poppy Pin

5. Dents – Brown Driving Gloves – Here

6. Levi’s Vintage Clothing – 1954 401 Memory Straight-Leg Jeans – Here

7. Salvatore Ferragamo – Brent Suede Drivers – Here

8. Pink – Sharm Plain Shirt – Button Cuff – Here

9. Barneys New York – Think Striped Sock – Here

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The Only Raincoat You Need

Very rarely do we leave an umbrella in our cars and even worse we never carry one when we need it most. After scouring the web for motoring goodies we can across this overseas raincoat. The small company in Stockholm that helps their local community is Stutterheim. The company came about after a young man found one of his father’s old raincoats in an old barn. He has since then recreated the exact raincoat using his very own hands. The coat and all of its seams are taped and sealed to ensure the very best in quality. You can be satisfied knowing that everything is hand made with a discreet, classical cut. Above is Arholma Grön version of this classic raincoat.

How does this relate to motoring? Well I’m glad you asked. This green is inspired from Stutterheim’s grandfather’s 1960’s British Racing Green Jaguar.  We couldn’t agree more with his choice of color. The car below is nothing but inspiration – it may not have been his father’s car, but we like to think it was.

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A RAID Suisse-Paris Wrist Watch

To commorate the relationship with a one of a kind rally, Oris produced a special edition Chronograph to help drivers achieve their times. To mark the occasion of the 21st RAID Suisse-Paris Oris has created the Oris RAID 2011 Chronograph Edition, limited to 500 pieces. This beautiful timepiece features innovative design functions which are instrumental in assisting the co-pilot to time the rallye legs.

This watch is the second in a series of RAID chronograph watches that started in 2010. For those not familiar with the race, the watch is named after the RAID Suisse-Paris which originated in 1991 and involves pre- 1975 classic cars in a 600-mile contest that begins in Basel, Switzerland and ends in Paris, France. Last year’s 2010 Raid watch was inspired by a 1952 Jaguar XK 120, while this years watch is inspired by the prestigious 1953 Austin Healey 100M. In fact, the 2011 Chronograph watch is paying homage to the honorable winner of the RAID 2010.

The intricate dials of the Oris RAID 2011 Chronograph Edition have been inspired by the characteristic dashboard design of the 1953 Austin Healey 100M (named after the car’s ability to exceed 100mph). This version of the watch dial come in a simple black and silver color and is held to the wrist by a black leather strap with a stainless steel folding clasp. Every detail was carefully examined when this watch was conceived as the top red painted minute hand is instrumental in aiding the copilot easily identify the seconds as they tick. Enhancing the resilience of each model, the chronograph movement is housed within a stainless steel case with double curved sapphire crystal and a non reflective coating on the inside, whilst the RAID Suisse-Paris logo is exclusively displayed on the case back. The number 21 of the date disc is printed in red, in respect to the 21st RAID Suisse-Paris.

Each piece is presented in a luxury wooden box to further notify the owner that his/her Oris RAID 2011 timepiece is elegant in design which is perfect for classic car and watch lovers alike.

Image Source: Oris and Topper Jewelers

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Another Take on Cufflinks

Dressing the part is half of owning the car. Helping owners live this through is Maserati, who is now offering owners cufflinks and jewelry to match their GranTurismo or Quattroporte. Maserati has teamed up with Italian jewelers Damiani for an array of accessories bearing the marque’s Trident emblem. The showcase is made up of three collections – Icon, Elegance and Pure – each comprising a keyring, a pair of cufflinks and a necklace.

The emblematic Maserati Trident is mainstay in every piece, as the symbol of the brand and its tradition. The first collection, ICON, in silver and blue enamel, features Maserati’s iconic color together with a chic, minimalistic design that plays with the shape of the oval and the Trident logo on the front. The second collection, ELEGANCE, in silver, combines a neat design with great attention to detail: it features the Maserati logo characteristic oval shape with the Trident embossed on the front. The third collection, PURE, in silver as well, has a stylish sleek design combined with a round shape: the Maserati Trident is engraved on the front. For good measure we have included the all silver grill which is made from stainless steel but adds a hint of color from the pink gold.

Can’t wait to get yours? Visit www.maseratistore.com for more information and immediate satisfaction.

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Weekender Fashion – Richard Hammond is American as Apple Pie

Richard is nothing but special to us because no matter how hard he tries is still a Brit with an American heart. His humor, his sense of automotive commentary and his love for NASCAR is all that makes him great. Hearing his love for American muscle cars makes us smile from ear to ear; there’s just something so fun about his passion. For this weekender fashion we will promote his very simple way of dressing. Sometimes you don’t want to be dressed head to toe in the formals when comfortably cruising the country roads in a muscle car. So Richard we salute you and your style.

1) The Elder Statesman – Rib Tuck Cashmere Scarf

2) Diesel Denim Jeans – Excess Straight

3) Barbour – Steve McQueen Jacket

4) Tag Heuer – Monaco Watch

5) Etro – Bar Stripe Sock

6) R.M. Williams – Durack Boots

7) Paul Smith – Tailored Fit Shirt