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Art of Overtaking

Overtaking cars while racing is very tricky business. It sounds very easy, yet difficult to implement and is absolutely nothing like the video games. To help folks see how the masters perform the Art of Overtaking, we want to share some great examples of drivers following their lines, anticipating other drivers, and powering on at the exit of the corners.

All we can say – watch and learn.

First is a two lap ride in Al Buncombe’s Nissan GT-R, racing in the 2014 Blancpain Endurance series at Monza. Al fights from 32nd out of 44cars, and ends up in 14th after two laps.

Then we sit with Steve McAleer, who drives the ModSpace Motorsports MX-5 in the Continental Tire Series from 30th to 15th position in a single lap during the 2014 race at Sebring International Raceway. Unlike the GT-R, the Miata shows it is not always about power.

If this does not get you excited about driving, then nothing will.