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N24 is Emotion

Need we say more? Now feel the emotion.

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Nurburgring 2013

It has to be every car enthusiast’s dream to drive the world famous Nurburgring Nordschleife. In October 2013, I was fortunate enough to journey out to the world famous track and get in 3 laps with a stage 2 track prepared VW Scirocco. The car was rented from rent4ring. The process is simple, show up bright and early; thirty minutes before the track actually opens. Complete the necessary forms and agree to the insurance policy provided in the rental agreement and you are all set. Our total rental time was 4 hours to run 6 laps. Once you’re finished with the paperwork you simply follow the man/woman to your car, they show you a few features and then its all up to you to make the magic happen. The golden ticket to get out on track actually comes in the form of an electronic card that you hold up to the gate sensor. It reads the number of runs you have and if available the gate will open up to the greatest track on Earth.

Our ride:


The morning of our run was foggy and damp, which made us a little reluctant to go all out and try to slam in a hot lap. The truth is you spend more time monitoring the rear view mirror than watching whats happening in front of you. There are always people who will be faster and have been to the track many more times than you – as a result they will dive on the inside of you if you’re not careful. Therefore a more aware driver gets back safely with no accidents. Prior to going to the track I practiced with Gran Turismo 5. The difference – no in game feedback and the game does not capture how steep the hills actually are.

Now back to the 4 hour time limit. I’m sure to the newbie that sounds like ample time to get in 6 runs. Well for those that are experienced veterans know that it only takes a few short hours after opening to see how crowded this place really gets. The lines actually start to run out onto the public roads surrounding the track. Then when some awesome hot shots decide to crash out on the Ring you’ll encounter over the loudspeaker a notice that the track will be closed for 20-30 minutes while they sort out the issue. All of these things eat into your driving time. Generally after a few runs you will want to relax, think a bit about the track and have a bite to eat. Again more time spent away from the track and running down the clock. In hindsight, getting out on track while it was damp and foggy was a good idea. It allowed for some fresh tracks with limited traffic and we were able to finish right as they announced the first track closure due to an accident.

Here is my turn. Enjoy!