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N24 is Emotion

Need we say more? Now feel the emotion.

What more? See beautiful pictures of the players here – Cars of N24 2014

Motor Racing, Racing, Track Driving, Video

Action From The Ring

Here are a few good videos sharing the excitement from the Nurburging 24 Hours this weekend.

How about some slow motion!


Spoiler alert!


Here’s a pit stop the old fashioned way. In fact, most of the converted race cars in the N24 retain the factory style five stud or lug wheel mounting system. Did you catch the mechanic installing them one-by-one?


Ever seen a complete car rebuild?  I believe the driver crashed in qualifying and the Nissan crew worked through the night to get another car sorted to race.

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What happens when you take the running time of Le Mans and add the Nurburgring? Easy! You get the greatest GT race in the world. It is that time of year again, we are gearing up for the 24 Hours of the Nurburgring. Because this race takes place on the one of the tightest race tracks, fans will not see any prototype cars out on track. To makeup for that, cars entered will be true GT raced cars, from purebred GT3 cars to European GT4 cars, and finally, heavily modified sports cars (called SP class) from all makes and models to fill out the field. At the announcement of this race there were 175 cars registered for the race.

While it is challenging to get complete information for the race, since it doesn’t have the same level of appeal on the world stage it is our understanding that Porsche’s Manthey Racing team will not be here this year. They have taken on the WEC with their factory Porsche efforts. Therefore the closest team we have to a factory favorite is the Falken Porsche Race Car. Nissan is here again to show the world that their GT3 spec GT-R is worthy enough to win the hardest race. Outside of those listed the favorites continue to be Audi with their R-8, Mercedes with their SLR, BMW with their GT3 Spec Z4 race car and finally McLaren will be running their MP4-12C race car. All of these cars are fielded by well qualified teams so the battle should be exciting. Finally, there will be a few teams running the factory race car program produced by BMW with the M235i Race car. It will be interesting to see how well these cars hold up to the abuse.

  Following links should help you enjoy this year’s race that will take place at the famed Nurburgring.

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Falken Tire Expansion Hits Europe

More and more companies are realizing that they need to be in more than one market, especially if you’re name is a title sponsor for top race teams. In 2013 Falken put together a movie highlighting their campaign at the famed Nurburgring 24H. In the states we are bit spoiled since the Falken Porsche car has been running with AMLS for the past couple of years. What’s better is the have stuck with their iconic livery, so no matter what year of racing you can easily spot the team. For the Nurburgring 24H they did just that, along with bring a film crew, Motioncrtl, to capture that wins and failures as it played out during the race. The video is 30 minutes, but its a great watch especially for those Porsche lovers. Grab something to snack  on or simply plug in your headphones and enjoy art in motion.

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One of a Kind – Race that Is

It’s been awhile. There has been a lot of change in the past couple of months, and in those months some major races have come and gone. Even though the weekend has past, those who are out there making documentary-like videos of some of these epic races will help us cherish them forever.

As we have all heard the Nurburgring is up for sale. Sure its an estate sale; however, we do not believe there is anything to fear. This significant location has meaning to more than just fans.

Here is a video by TouriClips that highlights the wonder of the Nurburgring 24h race. It really makes you realize how much you are missing out on not seeing this race at least once in person.

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BMW 24 Hours. So Close.

Here we go again! The group at Stereoscreen has put together another 20 minute film reliving the BMW factory team’s attempt to capture the famous Nurburgring 24 Hour race. The 2012 attempt was just as the title explains – so close. We feel that every team should put together a year-end film for race fans. There’s nothing better than sharing the glory of winning and losing with your favorite teams.

Until the folks at Stereoscreen put together another winning film this will have to do. If you want some interesting wallpaper from the film click here.