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After Le Mans – A Lookback Brief

Now that a few weeks have passed since Le Mans and Porsche’s epic return, companies are beginning to turn out videos of their epic battle.  Here are a few videos highlighting each manufacturer’s point of view of how it went down.

First up, Porsche tells us about their return.

Now, Audi’s recollection of the race.

Finally, Toyota wants to share their thoughts.

As an encore, here is Michelin and Porsche’s “We Are Racers” take on Le Mans.

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Remember back when

Here is a web special that will take you back through time to an endurance race through the mountains of Sicily. We wish this form of racing would come back. Pure, unedited racing that takes place on tight mountain passes through small towns near Palermo. Allow me to introduce you to Targa Florio.

Porsche Targa Florio Flipbook